Windows 8 Design Concept: Pt 1 Re-made

on October 3rd, 2009 by Matt | No Comments »

Hi guys. I got a lot of mixed responses about my design for Windows 8. Many people liked it, but there was a bunch of people from a specific site that hated it. So I decided to remake it, and give a proper explanation.


The idea with this is so that you have more space on the Superbar, especially when using the “old” style of small icons and whatnot. Basically, when you have two rows of pinned and running programs, the start button “tile” (as a friend calls it) stays the same. The clock at the top is similar to the Mac, and the notification area has come with it to leave more space on the “application tile.” The idea of these tiles is so that, for example, you want the Start button on the top left, then you can move the Start button, while everything else stays in place. You can imagine the rest from there. The Start Menu appears like the Jumplists do, and it expands upwards when you click “All Programs” or search for something.

Now, if you look at the placement of the clock you might see a small problem. Being there, it would either have to hide behind an open window, or always be on top (and hide the close button on the window).

But here is my idea: “Nudge” that corner of the window, so it looks like this very rough concept.

So, have a look at the first picture of this post, examine it, and tell me what you think. If you think something looks bad or you have a better idea for something, let me know, or explain your idea you idea (if you can, you should show me).

Thanks for reading. I’ll be working on Explorer Window concept soon, so stay tuned. 🙂