Windows 10 for Phones Technical Preview

on February 13th, 2014 by Matt | No Comments »

For whatever reason, we don’t even know much about Windows 10 for phones Technical Preview, and it’s already a controversial topic. The internet, ladies and gents.

Because of this controversy, I’ve decided to write this post explaining my stance on the topic on the day the technical preview is in the hands of public testers. That’s the first point – this isn’t like the current ‘Preview for Developers’ available for Windows Phone 8.1. It is a technical preview, REALLY EARLY in the development stage. Treat it like an alpha. It will be buggy, and even Microsoft says to not install it on your main phone. They already have a bug list.

Some of the bugs identified by users with the phone edition and using the Feedback app include:

  • WP10 seems to drain battery very fast, and it gets the device hot with simple things like phone calls
  • Animations are not smooth
  • HTC One M8 you cannot hide the on-screen buttons and they are above app bars and the keyboard
  • Glance screen does not work on WP10 (for HTC One, at least)
  • Quiet Hours turns alarms off
  • Source: Windows Central

    I’m definitely installing the Windows 10 for phones preview as soon as it’s available for my phone, because I feel like I’ll be one of the few people who understand what stage this preview is supposed to be at, and therefore will be in the minority of people submitting useful bug reports. Plus, that first bug, my Lumia 1320 already does that on Windows Phone 8.1. I can’t watch a YouTube video for 20 minutes without the phone getting ridiculously hot on the top portion, and I’m not alone, so I’ll risk it. Besides, thanks to my dad, we have at least 6 spare ‘dumb’ phones still hanging around in case I need a secondary one. I just feel that Microsoft are going to need some real-life testing as a main phone.

    Now, here’s the thing. I love Windows Phone. I’ve loved it since my LG Optimus 7. Yes, it could definitely be better, but I could never see myself ditching it to switch to Android or iOS. Some already-announced changes I’m really excited about, others I’m hoping won’t become the norm.

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