Why I Prefer a WordPress Blog over Tumblr

on September 24th, 2010 by Matt | No Comments »

Quite a few people tent to tell me that tumblr is much better than a normal blog and whatnot. Well, I’m here to say I don’t like tumblr. Personally, I don’t need a cross between Twitter and a Blog. I prefer them to remain seperate. It seems everyone on tumblr uses it to just post and re-blog random images, dirty or not, without a care for who’s viewing them. If you’re parents were to one day stumble across your tumblr page, I’m sure they probably wouldn’t like what they saw!

With a real blog like this, I can express my views in any way I like and not have to worry about what other people think.

There are many things I really like about a blog like this. Firstly, I can host it myself, so that way I know that none of my files are being screwed with. Secondly, I can make my own themes from scratch without worrying about it disappearing one day. I don’t need to worry about any screens like the tumblr dashboard, especially ones filling up with random images I’d rather not see. And most importantly, I have full control over everything that happens here.

So yeah, I’m still bored so I might find something else to rant about. See you all soon!