Opinion: All that 3D hype

on February 9th, 2011 by Matt | No Comments »

3D has existed for a while, however it has only reached the consumer market very recently. And while so many companies are jumping onto the bandwagon, I don’t really see what the hype is about. Personally, I think there are other areas companies should focus on. How about… Virtual Reality? I mean, we’ve all seen the bulky headsets from the 1990s, yes?

File:AC89-0437-20 a.jpeg

Well, howcome nobody is perfecting that technology? Most gaming companies are well on their way to getting games to look pretty realistic, which I’d say is the first step. It’s not really Virtual Reality if it looks absolutely fake. I’d say the next thing would be sound, in this case 7.1 surround sound headsets. These, exist (even better if they have powerful noise cancellation). Lastly is the actual visual part of VR. We need a headset (or even just glasses) that replace the real world that we can see. We need to actually be immersed in whatever we see, so everything has to be rendered right in front of our eyes. The software should also be able to tell which way our head is facing, etc. If I’m right, this technology also exists, however it is used in a very tiny number of places (I hear the US Navy were using it at some point). But, why can’t we use the same thing? If it’s expensive to make, or needs to be perfected, then why can’t major consumer companies start working on these things? Personally I would love proper VR at home. The Sims just don’t cut it, yet. I mean, we’ve all seen how exciting all those ‘cyberspace’ shows can be (think CyberChase and stuff like that). I mean, in a virtual world we can do absolutely anything. We can make up technology, do anything we like (I’m sure you’ve always wanted to fly), anything. Even better, the internet is almost infinite. Imagine walking through cities of unimaginable beauty, flying your custom designed spaceship through virtual galaxies that expand forever, all without leaving your house. So, what is your opinion on all this?