My Negative Thoughts Towards Mac OS

on June 2nd, 2012 by Matt | 3 Comments »

So anyone who knows me also knows that I’ve always had a special disgust towards Apple’s products, especially their desktop operating system. And while it began as a hate that didn’t specifically have much of a reason behind it, over the past year and a half I’ve had to use an iMac for one of my school subjects, VET: Multimedia. Sure, I may be biased towards Windows, but I have no complaints about Linux Mint, which I’ve willingly installed on my netbook, and am using it to type up this post, as well as yesterday’s.

And guess what? Using the iMac at school has, over time, given me more and more reason to have such negative thoughts towards the operating system. There hasn’t been a single VET Multimedia lesson, and anyone in that class can tell you, where I haven’t yelled at the screen or facepalmed repeatedly in frustration.

I’m not going to talk about restrictions that were obviously put in place by the school administrators, because even using Windows 7 at school is a limited experience. But a number of minor annoyances have merged into a stronger, and very logical annoyance.

First and foremost, is the limited capability to ‘maximise’ a window. The majority of classes we’re either using Microsoft Office Word and PowerPoint, Safari, Adobe Illustrator, Flash and Photoshop. Many of these programs work best in fullscreen, especially on the screen size of the iMacs we have at school (yes, they’re quite big).

Every time I use a Mac, I have to manually resize each window fullscreen. Simple as that. And if it’s because of some hidden setting I can’t access, then that’s not my problem, because it should be obvious.

This leads me to my next point, and that is the horrible combination of the dock and the Alt-Tab menu (more specifically, window management). When I minimise a window, pressing Alt+Tab should allow me to bring that window back into view. But it doesn’t. Instead, it goes back to the program (or I should say, puts the program’s menu up on screen), but leaves me with that. It gets even worse when running multiple windows of Safari. Sometimes they literally get lost in the dock, or just hidden behind another window, because cycling using Alt+Tab selects the application and not the window.

Next, a minor annoyance, but one that drives me insane. The bouncing animation on dock icons. When an icon bounces in the dock, it reminds me of an annoying 6-year-old (not to say all 6 year olds are annoying, or that kids are annoying) repeatedly trying to get into your face to get your attention. Here’s a hint: that’s the wrong way to get someone’s attention. The icons in the Mac OS dock bounce continuously, while in Windows, when an item in the taskbar wants your attention, blinks 4-5 times then simply sits there patiently in a bright colour. Enough to get your attention calmly, and not “yell at you,” as it were.

Next an annoyance that drives me insane, the right click menu. Now, I suppose this could be associated with the mouse settings, although those are unsurprisingly very limited in terms of customzation. When I open a context menu, I expect quick access to the menu item. Instead, and this is most prominent in nestled menus, is that selecting an item is buggy as heck. If you want to go deeper in a menu, be VERY careful not to click on the arrow, because instead of navigating deeper as it should, IT CLOSES THE DAMN MENU. In what world does that make ANY sense. One selects it to speed up the process, not make it x2 slower.

As a final note, I’m going to say this (because writing this post is starting to make me extremely annoyed). An installation wizard makes 300% more sense than drag-and-drop, because a wizard tells you what’s going on. Drag and drop is extremely meaningless, and is degrading, to say the least.

That’s all from me. Probably won’t see any more blog posts from me any time soon, I should really go write a couple essays for school..
thanks for reading my rant, it shows real dedication towards either your operating system of choice (more likely) or.. well, me.