My Windows 7 Builds

on June 15th, 2009 by Matt | 1 Comment »

Here is a list of Microsoft Windows 7 Builds that I have used. I am not one that likes to download too many builds, but I love to keep all my software up to date.
So my first build was 6801. That means I skipped 6519. At the time I just wanted to see if there was any point of downloading Windows 7 Builds. Yep, that was a build without the superbar, but I later enabled it through a hack by WithinWindows. After using this I actually got excited about Windows 7. 6956 flew past, and January 2009 came. I then downloaded 7000 off the Microsoft website, happy to finally update since October 2008. 7022 flew past, and I decided to download 7048. Sadly, my download didn’t go well and it didn’t want to install. I chose not to re-download it and I waited. Then 7057 and 7068 went by. When 7077 appeared, I was eager to download a new build after so long. After that I didn’t download any more until 7100 (Release Candidate). It was great, and I used it until yesterday. Yep, I finally made the jump to 7229. I chose to upgrade because I heard that this build had a speed boost. I have firmly decided that I will NOT download any more builds. I’m fine to wait until RTM.

Note: All Dates and Build Numbers are from the top of my head. If I got something wrong, please let me know. Also, all builds that I used have been put in bolded italics.