My Laptop finally died

on March 22nd, 2011 by Matt | 4 Comments »

Edit: As I mention in the video description, thanks to multiple (helpful) comments, the fix for this is to reflow the GPU, meaning the graphics card is the cause of the failure. I no longer have interest in fixing this, as I recently got a new computer.


Well, not the entire thing, just the motherboard (I think).

This is what happened: I got home from school, and used the same process I always do to turn on my laptop. Plug it in to the power, turn on my 2nd monitor and speakers, then push the power button on my laptop.
But this time it didn’t do what it’s supposed to. The 2nd monitor didn’t get a signal (which it always gets for the bios and bootscreen), but instead I got horizontal lines and coloured shades. So I simply turned it off, waited, and hit the power button again.
This time, I heard the DVD drive click (you know how they go, testing if there is a disc in there), then the CPU fan stopped and nothing else happened. All the lights were still on, but ‘nobody was home.’ After a couple more tries, I listened carefully. You can still hear the Hard Drive trying to be used (as in, still spinning) but the laptop just isn’t doing anything.
Now, I think it’s the motherboard because I don’t get any beeping errors, the HDD isn’t read (so I think that still works), and the BIOS doesn’t show up. I just get, well, nothing. Here’s a video:

Also, if you’ve read my Tumblr post on the problems I’ve been having recently, you won’t be surprised.

Well, I guess it’s lucky that I have a spare PC. 😛

History: Got the laptop in mid 2007. First laptop of mine ever. 🙁