I won a Windows 7 Ultimate CD and key!

on January 2nd, 2010 by Matt | 6 Comments »

Happy New Year to all!
Good news, thanks to WinJade and Microsoft, I won a copy of Windows 7 Ultimate and a CD key.


Seeing as it is only able for Bryant to send it to the US, it will have to be sent to one of my relatives then forwarded to me (I live in Australia) and I’ll have to wait a bit. But that’s besides the point. Basically, to win a copy, I had to write a comment explaining why I like Windows 7 then RT something. Here’s what I wrote:

I like every single little thing in Windows 7, but what I like most about it is the speed (which doesn’t decrease) and not having to reinstall every couple of months. XP was terrible because it got weighed down by everything that you installed, and it’s great to see Windows 7 can retain it’s speed and stability in all sorts of situations.
An example would be: I’ve been running the RTM since it first came online, I’m running it with a legal key from Technet, my HDD has very little space left (yes, I know I install too many things, but I just can’t help it), I always have many programs running (like chrome, which has a separate process for each tab), but Windows 7 hasn’t slowed down, or failed. I tend to sit at it for over 5 hours straight (having breaks along the way of course, I’m not crazy) but I can always be sure that it is ready to go and doesn’t need a reboot because something went wrong.

I could go into detail about all the other features I like, but I think that expresses enough.

There were 3 given away, and I was the third winner. Thanks again to Microsoft and WinJade. I’m waiting for Bryant’s reply so I can give him the address and have it forwarded.

Competition link: Windows 7 Giveaway 2009