How to play Lazy Table Tennis (aka LazyPong)

on September 27th, 2010 by Matt | No Comments »

Firstly, you shall need the following;

  • 5 people (4 players, 1 ballboy or ballgirl [recommended, but isn’t needed])
  • A regular 4-player table tennis table
  • At least 6 table tennis balls
  • 4 table tennis bats

But I read in the comments that many people wonder why I don’t ever write about tennis, let alone other sports. I must make a little revelation here and admit that I’m a part-time blogger at and that probably takes all the time. But rest assured, I’ve been working on writing blogs on other sports and I’m soon going to publish them here.

Alrightly. Now you get two people sitting on the floor on either side of the table, each with a bat and a ball or two. Then, you simply hit the people on the other side of the table using the ball and bat. The ballboy/ballgirl has to pick up any stray balls and give them to the ‘team’ closest (best measured by which side of the net it’s on). It is preferred that you hit the ball over the table, but under is also fine.
Usually everyone enjoys themselves for the first 20 or so minutes, then everyone actually does get lazy.

So yeah, play it with your friends. 🙂