Fun game: Lord of Ultima

on January 5th, 2011 by Matt | No Comments »

I love browser based games. Why? Because you don’t have to wait 10 minutes for the game to load, it’s ready for you in a matter of seconds, depending on your connection.

For those that have tried Evony (‘free forever’), this is kind of like a higher quality, more interesting, version of that. And it’s by EA Games!

The world is split into multiple continents. On these continents you will find cities, forest dungeons, dragons, moongates, rivers, mountains and forests. You’re able to raid forest dungeons, settle in lawless cities, and trade with other people. Each city has it’s own storage limit of Wood (building/units), Stone (building/units), Iron (units) and Food (units). Each of these has an increase per hour, can be traded, and purified for research. As with most MMOs, there are quests in this game. However, they aren’t similar to other games. They include ‘checkpoints’ like ‘City Score: 8,000’ or ‘10 Cities’ and others (like ‘invite 2 friends’). When you complete a quest, you get things specified by the quest (eg. cash, tools or resources) which can be very useful to progress in the game. To conquer or create cities, you need a baron and multiple resources, as well as trade ships or carts.

I’ve been playing this game for a while, and while it can be a little slow (some buildings take 10 hours to construct), it’s a great way to do something when you’re bored. The great thing is construction and commands continue even when you’re not playing, so no having to worry about leaving the game running 24/7.

At the time of this posting I have 5 cities, a score of 12,000+ and a rank of 610. If you’d like to try it out, follow the link below and don’t forget to add me (WizardCM) as a friend, or join my Alliance (Technoria). Happy gaming!

Play: Lord of Ultima (also, if you already have an EA account you don’t need to register, simply sign in with your existing details!).