Found a 15" Monitor during Hard Waste collection

on July 8th, 2009 by Matt | 7 Comments »

Once every year, the council in my area does something called “Hard Waste collection.” This means everyone can put all unused items (like old TV’s, Computers, etc) in front of their houses (just next to the road) and the government collects those unused items for you. Some people, even though they aren’t supposed to, go around themselves and look for stuff that they could take, and use at home. One example would be my little brother. He was going around with his friend looking for computer parts (this friend got a PC recently with only 512MB Ram, and his dad needs a bigger monitor) and they brought back a few things. Among those things were three LCD monitors: a 15″ fullscreen, a 17″ widescreen and a 22″ widescreen. Well, because it has been raining the past few nights we took the monitors inside and let them dry. The next day we tested all three. The 15″ needed a DC adapter but worked flawlessly, the 17″ barely worked, by everything having a small “pink” tinge and noise lines appearing, and the 22″ didn’t work, with only the power button lighting up. So we let them all dry for a bit longer, and nothing had changed. My brother’s friend had slept over but had to leave, so he took the 17″ home, and we kept both the 15″ and 22″. I’m currently using the 15″ externally on my laptop (multi-monitors for the win!), although I do wish it was a 15.4″ widescreen. The 22″ is currently lying under my brother’s bed, and my dad said he’ll check it out on the weekend (he’s works 4 hours away, and only comes home during the weekends).

That’s it for now, and as always, I am looking for ideas for blog posts! 😛