Blog Posts are fun, Essays not as much

on February 3rd, 2012 by Matt | No Comments »

I enjoy writing. The existence of this blog, and numerous other sites I’ve written pages for proves that. But essays, and even blog posts for some news sites that I used to help run back in 2009, had (and still have) an air of.. I don’t know, “this idea isn’t mine.”

I’m not a writer, I’m not a journalist. Primarily, I’m a reader. I’ve been reading books since I was in.. 2nd grade? With the amount of books I’ve read, my vocabulary isn’t too bad. So yes, I do enjoy writing every now and then.

But here’s the thing. Usually when I’m asked to write something, it’s about a pre-set topic. Essays, for English, or any personal stories I’ve ever written have been a bore to write, and I’m sure that because I didn’t have my heart in the writing. Whoever read it didn’t like it much either.

But I started this blog so I could voice my opinions. With the invention of micro-blogging, such as Twitter, it’s simply been easier to write a sentence or two in 140 characters and be done with the subject. Not a lot of things bother me enough to write a whole blog post like this.

I’m writing this post because I feel like it. Not because of some sort of deadline, or because my readers deserve something new. My site is full of random and interesting things. Have you tried the games I made in 10th grade? Those are fun, even I can spend hours playing them, trying to get high scores.

I guess what I’m trying to say is in 2012, as essay practice, I’m going to try writing more blog posts. I’m not sure whether these blog posts will be in the style that the next SAC requires, or if it’ll even be structured like a proper essay. And there are bound to be a couple spelling or grammatical mistakes. That’s normal for anyone.

I’ve also just noticed (yes, while writing) that I have 3 ‘recent drafts’ on the Dashboard of my WordPress administration panel. One of them is ‘Google Chrome features I would like,’ which I started in October (2011) because I felt I wanted more Sync features. But once I started writing, my ideas weren’t large enough to suit a full blog post. And once I decide I don’t want to post something to my blog, or to somewhere else (ie. Facebook, Twitter, and the numerous other social networks across the internet), I don’t try posting a shorter (or in some cases longer) post somewhere else. I run into something more interesting and do that instead.

So do I hate essay writing? Of course not. But as you see above, I have my own style. Without a deadline, due to a spur-of-the-moment thing in the middle of doing something else, I decided to write a blog post. I didn’t have a set length, set amount of paragraphs or structure. I just went with what feels natural. And that worked out pretty well, didn’t it?

So yeah, for my last year in High School I will have many SACs that require me to write essays, or other long text documents. But I’m not going to hide in a corner and worry about failing, I’m going to play to my strengths, as I have here, improve my English skills, and maybe learn a thing or two that’ll help me in my final, most important exam ever.

Hope the year is going well for you so far, and be sure to subscribe (actually, I should add an RSS subscription link somewhere, shouldn’t I?) to see more of these it’s-my-mind-leave-it-alone sort of posts. Maybe. I might try to write stuff that could be more useful for readers, but it IS my blog and I post what I like.

Do you have a blog, Twitter account, or Tumblr? Link it in the comments and I’ll have a read, maybe you can teach me a thing or two!