Recommended App: X-Mouse Button Control

on March 4th, 2012 by Matt | No Comments »

Hello people! While customizing my fresh installation of Windows 8 I’ve played around with the settings available in X-Mouse Button Control… and it is beautiful!

Now, I’ve only just scratched the surface… but if you have a mouse, then you need to check out this program.

What it does is let you reprogram ANY button or feature of your mouse, including the scroll wheel. Imagine that! Better yet, you can reprogram the buttons in an app-specific manner, so rules you’ve set for one program will not apply to the other unless you’ve set them with similar configurations.

As you see above, I’ve got ‘default’ ‘Zune’ and ‘Google Chrome’ rules. Basically, default is system-wide. As long as you don’t have an app-specific key-specific rule, that’s what you will want to modify. I clearly have only 4 set rules for Zune, as shown in the screenshot. If I set ‘default’ to make my ‘Left Button’ to Alt-Tab for me, as long as I haven’t set a specific ‘Left Button’ rule for Zune it’ll follow my ‘default’ rule. It’s incredible.. and it gets better.

These rules don’t only apply when you have that application selected. As long as your mouse is over it, X-Mouse will apply that application’s rules. As you can see in the screenshot, I’ve set my scroll wheel to control my volume when using, or hovering over, Zune. This means that as long as Zune is somewhere on my screen, and I point at it, I can immediately change my volume using my scroll wheel.

There are so many rules and combinations you can do it’s ridiculous. Even if you don’t plan on downloading the program, at least take a look at the screenshots available in the download link (scroll down).

I hope I’ve made your computer life that little bit more productive and customizable! 🙂

Download: HighRez Downloads – X-Mouse Button Control