The 4 Mods that should be built into Minecraft

on August 20th, 2011 by Matt | No Comments »

I’ve been playing a lot of Minecraft over the past few months, and during that time I’ve run about 3 servers and tried out a truckload of mods.

However, the mods that should become an official part of Minecraft are the following:

1. More Blocks

So many useful blocks. Fences made out of every material, like sandstone and obsidian, and so many others that should’ve always been there.

2. Mo’Creatures

The amount of awesome animals (I love the birds!) in this mod is astounding. Cats, mice, rats, deer, lions, fish, dolphins, sharks, werewolves, bears, wolves, polar bears, wraith, ogres, ducks, boards, rabbits, birds, foxes and horses.

3. Rei’s Minimap

A minimap that has it all. You have to use it to believe it. Cavemaps, entity radar, slime chunks, snow cover, waypoints and more.

4. Better than Wolves

Obviously this is a hit on the update which had ‘wolves’ as a major update, but the stuff it adds is great. Toggable blocks, collectors, mechanics, half-blocks and a lot more useful stuff.


Of course, most of these mods require ModLoader and other stuff, which should also be a part of Minecraft.