I enjoy web development, and while I’m not skilled at PHP, JavaScript or jQuery, I know enough about them to utilize them in my designs. I also tend to run out of design ideas fairly quickly.. but enough about that. Below you’ll find some ‘active’ sites that I’ve designed over the past few years, other than the one you visited to learn about me.

St Francis Xavier College

Out of all the websites I’ve designed over the years, this is currently my favourite. The original design at the time was a quick 15-minute concept in Photoshop. After a couple months, I decided to code it, and because it was such a large multi-page site I made it in Joomla. None of this was done with prior permission from the school, however multiple teachers (and, later, the principal) all praised my design.
This was not a small undertaking. All the visual elements of the webpages, and majority of the layout, are all made by me – either in code or using Photoshop. Most of the pages are formatted as they were on the official site at the time, however pages that I believed needed to be in better places (including putting the FAQ into ‘Contact Us’) and pages that I believed needed to exist (About Our School -> Houses, which I never really needed to finish) all had their designs built along with the rest of the site.

Some key design points relevant to this website;

  • The pages are never limited vertically – they can go as long as they need to be to fit the content
  • The backend, being Joomla, makes it extremely easy to add/edit Newsletters, announcements, news articles, and pages
  • The Contact Us -> Contacts page fits all important people in a neat grid – making it easier to find staff by face rather than simply by name or position
  • The same goes for Contact Us -> FAQ, all the questions are neatly listed and can easily be sorted through
  • Pages like For Students -> Moodle are framed to keep the layout consistent across sites
  • For Parents -> Uniform took a while, as I actually had to extract the information from a PDF – it’s always better to keep information neatly inline instead of linking to an external file
  • For Parents -> Transport and For Students -> Form Downloads make it easy for users to check which forms they need and get a local copy for themselves to print out and hand in when required

You can read more about the design and elements I never got around to building/improving here.

Whitestar Dandenong Soccer Club

I have mixed feelings about this website. I’m happy with the design itself, but I feel I made the wrong decision when I chose to make it 100% width, as it looks strange at larger resolutions. The goal was simplicity and usability, which I achieved. The colour scheme was chosen by the client, and I feel that it works.