I currently host/administer the following servers:

Minecraft –

I’ve been running Minecraft servers for over three years, and the thing I love most about it is providing the ability for others to show off their creativity and also allowing friends to share their own Survival experiences with each other. With each coming Minecraft update, players are given better opportunities to show off and explore the possibilities in a sandbox environment.

TeamSpeak –

Not all games come with voice chat, and when it comes to games like Battlefield, San Andreas Multiplayer and Minecraft, voice chat really helps in staying focused on the game and coordinating groups of people. This is why I run a TeamSpeak server. Not only that, but it’s also useful as a minimal program that enables voice chat among friends, without the need to create an account beforehand.


Keeping in contact is important, and what better way than chatrooms? I frequent the #lobby and #minecraft channels, but have power over all.

Note: If any of these servers are offline, please contact me so I can bring it back up.