Windows 8/RT Annoyances & Requests


  • Split keyboard has a black bar along the bottom
  • Skype messaging is only in Skype, and not the Messaging app
  • Metro app for Remote Desktop cannot play audio in the background
  • People app doesn’t make it easy to quickly add/remove favourites
  • The Store app does not preload pages, making searching for apps (or filtering categories) incredibly slow.
  • Lack of Windows Media Player/Center in Windows RT
  • The Xbox Music app
    • VERY poorly designed
    • Lack of filtering by local/cloud
    • Includes random songs from Xbox Music including Nicki Minaj and Barbra Streisand that cannot be hidden/removed
  • Text selection jumps to closest position, and cannot be repositioned manually
  • Cannot play media to devices that are not certified by Microsoft (including XBMC and LG Smart TVs)
  • Cannot fetch multiple Google Calendars in the Calendar app
  • Every switch to the Start screen resets it to the beginning. It should act like an app, where it retains the last known position
  • There should also be a ‘quick jump’ bar along the bottom of the Start screen, because it can get long pretty quickly


  • SunAge game for RT
  • WordPress app
  • Native app-specific volume controls
  • TeamSpeak, Ventrillo & Mumble apps
  • Port Zune to a Metro app
  • Microsoft TellMe
  • Java for ARM
  • Ability to scroll DOWN the Start screen in portrait mode