Winamp Review

on December 10th, 2009 by Matt | No Comments »

Note: Everything mentioned in this post is linked to at the bottom.

There are many Media Players available for Windows these days. Some are old, others are skin-able.

WinAmp is both. It’s old and skin-able, giving it the perfect mix. It is designed to have separate windows, usually one for the actual player and Media Library, and a separate one for the Playlist. Most skins found on the website are old, others look childish, but that doesn’t mean people aren’t still making skins for it. You just have to know where to look: DeviantART.

Depending on what Skin you use, the interface changes. Here is a screenshot of what my configuration looks like:

The player on it’s own has heaps of configuration settings, including File Types, Playlists, Titles, Localization, Dropbox, Global Hotkeys, Podcasts, Skins and Plugins. The more you look through it, the more you can change. Plugins can be found all over the web, including in DeviantArt, Google Code, and of course the WinAmp site. Some great plugins include Win7Shell, Live Messenger Status Plugin and SIGamp. Win7Shell is great for Windows 7, because it gives you full SuperBar integration.

Just like Windows Media Player, you can sort your music in many different ways, including by Rating, Play Count, and Track Number. You can also search for album art, if you don’t have it.

The performance is wonderful, but it does sometimes take a bit longer to start up.

Features: 10/10

Interface: 10/10

Performance: 9.5/10

Price/Value: 8/10

Overall: 9.5/10


WinAmp Site (includes skins & plug-ins)DeviantArt (Search results for WinAmp), Google CodeWin7ShellLive Messenger PluginSigamp, Ebonite 2.0 (the skin used in screenshot).