What Future Gaming will be like

on January 28th, 2010 by Matt | 2 Comments »

So, you’re bored at home, and feel like playing a game. You go over to your TV and turn it on. This is your configuration:

  • Large LED 3D TV (probably taking up the whole wall)
    • Xbox 360 Elite Console
      • Project Natal
      • GTA IV (with all expansions)
        • 1st Person Shooter style (throughout the entire game)
        • Playing online (Free Mode) multiplayer with your mates
      • Hooked up to both the TV and sound system via HDMI cable
    • Full Dolby Digital Surround Sound

If you look at it that way, you just KNOW the future will be awesome. The great part? All the above (except for the 1st person shooter style being throughout the entire game) will be possible (unless someone figures out how to create a Mod for GTA IV and add all those wonderful features).

Just imagine what fun it would be to run around the streets of Liberty City, stealing cars (well, breaking into them then hotwiring them) and actually driving.

Although, when Project Natal comes out I bet Rockstar will start making a more 1st person-ish GTA game, unless they’ve already started. 😀

  • Steve Jobz

    actually Rockstar are going to make an old western style GTA type game next, google it and making it FP would ruin the success they have had so far with their 3rd person games like GTA so don’t make it FP ROCKSTAR!!!

  • Motordom

    Digital Optical all the way! Unfortunetly Project Natal didn’t turn out to be half of what they promised, their slowly getting there though.