What do you use to extract ZIP files?

on May 6th, 2009 by Matt | 5 Comments »

A couple days ago I was extracting some Joomla stuff from a ZIP file, and had a thought. What program(s) do people use most to extract files from ZIP folders? I personally prefer the default extractor built into Windows, but I used to use WinZIP. So what do you use?

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(I’m not putting my vote in 😉 )

  • WinRar. :p

  • Faun

    7-Zip 😀

    Used to use WinRar, then the prompts to buy it started getting annoying. ><

  • WinRAR…. Faun, crack it you idiot ><


  • WizardCM

    Remember guys, I’m talking specifically about ZIP files. Not RAR files, coz I use 7-ZIP for that 😆

  • Faun

    Link me to a virus free crack then, Ben. 😛

    And I know you’re talking ’bout ZIP files. Just don’t like the built in extractor ><