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Last night I got a bit bored, so I re-wrote the information on the Home page for my website.
Click here to go to the Home page, or read what the page says below:

Hello and welcome to my website. My name is Matthew Gajownik and I am from Australia. I have been into computers and technology since I was very young, and I’m currently 15 years old. In my spare time I love designing things in Photoshop or coding websites. I have been actively online since May 2008 when I joined JCXP.net Forums as “ComputerMaster”. Since then, I have made many friends online, and learned a lot about technology, computers, website coding, and graphics design. I currently go to St Francis Xavier College in Berwick and have made quite a few friends there as well.

I live with my parents and my brother in a small suburb by the name of “Hallam” in Victoria. My first ever website was made in 2006 (when I was in my last year of Primary School at St Kevin’s in Hampton Park) using a free website builder called ZoomShare. At the time it was mainly because the admin centre had a gaming section, but I did have a bit of information on the main page for others to see.

Throughout my school life I have helped many teachers with setting up all sorts of equipment, and still help around the school with technology-related issues. During whole school assemblies I tend to help out with most of the visual equipment, like the projector, camera, and laptop. We always have PowerPoint presentations while people are talking, and at every other moment we have the camera projecting a larger form of whoever’s speaking. I currently have my own laptop, a Toshiba Satellite A300/P00, which you can read about here.

This website was specifically designed to be about me and where you can find me on the internet, because of how big this place is. Before this website, and design, I believe I’ve gone through 3 website builder services, about 4 hosts and over 20 designs: all in less than two years. I officially call this design “Dark Simplicity” (currently at v1.6) because of the simple layout and coding. I will update the skin every now and then when I get ideas. Originally it had text links in the header and there was no matching blog theme.

Not only have I gone through many different websites, but also many different email addresses. My first one was made in primary school by the name “matt_loverb@hotmail.com.” Since then I have gone through quite a few, including “technology_genious@hotmail.com”, “technology_master@live.com” and “computermaster@live.com.au.” Of course, at the moment I use WizardCM@live.com.au and you can contact me via that email address at any time.

Anyway, thanks for reading, and visiting. I hope you choose to return some time soon.