The Greatness of Chrome

on April 12th, 2009 by Matt | No Comments »

There are many different Web Browsers out there, and most don’t know which to choose. But in the end, it all comes down to personal preference. Most people that use their computers for simple day to day activities like MySpace and YouTube don’t care what Web Browser they use, as long as it loads YouTube videos or MySpace profiles correctly. Most seem to settle with Internet Explorer just because it comes with Windows, and it’s simple to use. Some don’t even know about other Web Browsers. Now, one day I was really bored and decided to test all the Web Browsers that are out there. I downloaded them all, and put them on my desktop in a fence (see Desktop Fences) called “Web Browsers”. There were more than ten of them, all working in different ways. Some of them, I noticed, were designed (visually) for Operating Systems like Windows 2000 and the like. Other had beautiful features like awesome add-ons, and other just didn’t work well. At the time Google Chrome didn’t exist so I settled with Mozilla Firefox due to its usefulness and it’s speed. Then I heard about a new Web Browser, that Google was developing, by the name of Google Chrome. I was interested immediately due to the fact that it was by Google, and they don’t seem to make much, except run the most used Search Engine in the world. So I installed it and tried it out. The first thing I noticed was its simple Pop-Up blocker and it’s lack of add-ons. But the more I used it, the more I liked it. By the time it came out of Beta (v1.0) it was my main Web Browser. Now as I said before, it’s all in the matter of personal preference. On Firefox I used a lot of Add-ons (way too many if you ask me) and it was just getting too bloated. It would take over 40 seconds just for the Web Browser on it’s own to load, while Chrome only takes about 5 seconds.

But it’s now time for why I like it so much. It’s simple. Other Web Browsers have everything all over the place, and usually when you need to do something on the browser you need to download an add-on. With Chrome, everything is right at your fingertips. The tabs are simple (and well) designed, and the Options are in three simple sections. It’s fast. Each webpage takes only a moment to load, as does each YouTube video. I do a lot of Forum reading, and love having each one in my Bookmark bar ready to be opened. It’s stable. Each tab has its own process, as does each plugin, so that if one tab or plugin fails, then the entire browser doesn’t crash. If I’m waiting for three YouTube videos to finish loading and I’m adding another blog post to my blog, if Adobe Flash decides to crash, instead of the entire browser disappearing from me, it’s just those YouTube videos, and it’s not too hard to press the Refresh button (although I do use shortcut keys).

As each thing has it’s great points, it also has some flaws. Now, some see a Web Browser without Add-ons useless, but a Web Browser that doesn’t have those is sometimes more useful than one with Add-ons. You don’t need extra features just to download a file. The download manager in Chrome is good enough (although I have seen a rip-off of the Download Manager in Limewire 5 for some reason…) and is easy to access. It doesn’t have Auto form complete, although it is in the v2 beta (which I am using) and still needs to go a long way to work properly. It sometimes doesn’t load WebPages, and says that they are missing.

My final decision, I love it, it’s well done and easy to use. Simplicity is great, if you know how to interpret it. If you have not already made the switch, you might as well try it out. Who knows, you might gain a new favorite web browser!

Download: Google Chrome