Sport on TV 24/7 but no Tech Events

on February 13th, 2010 by Matt | 3 Comments »

Note: This rant talks about TV in Melbourne, Australia. It may be different in other areas. Plus, this only includes free-to-air channels. Pay TV has many many many more sports channels.

Whenever I turn on my TV and flick through the channels, at least 2 channels (including One, a 24-hour sports channel) have some sort of sport running. This gets worse when “major” events like the Olympics and the Tennis are on.  But it makes me wonder about all the technology events (which are definitely more important then sport) that go on around the world. Keynotes by companies like Apple and Microsoft, CES International, even local ones like the Digital Lifestyle Expo and Ignite Melbourne. At the moment, if I want to watch a keynote from another country I have to watch either a low-quality live stream, or wait until higher quality recordings are posted. This causes me to use up a lot of bandwidth (Australia is terrible with very low but expensive bandwidth caps) and I’m not informed about new stuff as quickly as people actually watching the keynote live.

The thing is, there are so many tech events and even online tech shows that it wouldn’t be a problem to run a 24-hour technology channel. Sites like Revision3 have weekly shows, and many others have podcasts.

The reason why I think tech events are more important than sport is:

Sport is usually for fun, while any new technology that gets made (3D TV anyone?) would be for everyone to use in future, and would last a while too. If you watch a sport on TV, what do you gain from it? You get to see your team win, or if you’re a gambler you might win/lose some (maybe even a lot of) cash. That’s about it.

Many people don’t know what’s going on with tech around the world, but I’m sure many people would be interested.

And my last sentence is to any new companies planning on starting channels;

Please, for the love of God, make it a 24/7 Technology channel.

  • Forgot to mention, they could even have daily news at 5, with all sorts of tech news. Just imagine how long that would go for each day. 😛

  • Steve Jobz

    The reason more sport is on television is that it is something that the majority of people can relate to because everyone as a kid played a sport not everyone was into IT. Australian is a very sports orientated country, we are passionate about our sport. Most people see those shows as ‘Nerdy’ and i can tell you now with absolute confidence that a game of AFL would outrate any tech show anyday or anytime of the week, so why would they show something that isnt gonna get the ratings???

  • Sport is about team winning! But, sport is something that majority of people can relate to. I bet when you was small as a child, you played bouncing the ball, throwing the ball etc. even if they are going to make a new channel about tach 24.7, they would maybe use Foxtel. I would looking forward to it, no point if people are not watching it.