Nerds: Good or Bad?

on April 16th, 2009 by Matt | 2 Comments »

This is something that has been bothering me for ages, and I’m finally going to get it out of my system. Now, each person is different, and it seems that at school there are two steriotypes, nerd (geek), and cool. But then what about the bullies? I’ll tell you now, they aren’t nerds. So does that mean that bullies are seen as cool? Lets take a look.

Nerds: Usually smart at something (or many things), usually wear glasses, never break rules, “teachers pet”.
Cool Kids: Popular, good-looking, strong, funny, mainly good at sport, not exactly smart.
Bullies: Strong, scary, annoying, “undefeatable”, break rules, make fun of others.

Now, lately have bullies and cool kids started to merge? I mean, at my school I’m quite sure I haven’t seen anyone “cool” that hasn’t beaten someone up. Nerds, of course, can’t beat others up because they aren’t fit and they are sometimes overweight. Some, that might not even be smart, are seen as nerds (*cough* me *cough*) just because they haven’t beaten somebody up. The thing is, do I want to be seen as cool? If being cool means beating people up, then count me out. If you are able to beat someone up, what kind of job would you get? Surely not a good one. But if you’re smart, you’re damn sure to get a job that pays well and one that you enjoy. So when choosing a side, pick the one that will do good for your future, and not your popularity at school.

The final verdict: Some see nerds as useless. But I see nerds as the future. Do you think most bullies got jobs in government? I don’t think so. Bullies move onto criminals, and criminals end up in jail. The smart people are cool.

Now what do you guys think?

  • The bullies become Nationalists and join the KKK.

    I’m not sure where I’d fit in :/
    I was exceptionally intelligent, and for that, I was regarded as a Nerd. However, I always broke the rules, was largely hated by the teachers and I certainly did not fit the ‘hard-working’ stereotype generally associated with nerds. I was one of the laziest people in the School, and while I got the grades in the Exam, I generally did much less than average amount of classwork, so mehh.

  • The thing is that I’m a nerd and athletic. I don’t believe in bullies, in my school, it’s just athletes, nerds, and the others. Bullies are just the athletes who are bad, mostly all of us. We all got detention, or suspended. It’s just how we are. xD

    Pretty much you’re saying it’s a race that you fell in when you were born. You can change yourself quick with a lot of work.