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Hello everyone! Term 2 of Year 10 has started for me, and I had to hand in an IT assignment about anything. I made mine about my tech life, and have decided to post it here on my blog. Enjoy!

Why are you interested in computers?

There are many reasons. Firstly, because computers play a huge part in our lives in the 21st century. As well as that there is a lot that we don’t know about, and a lot more that is possible with this kind of technology. So far we already have LED monitors, touch screens, fingerprint readers, etc. The next phase includes 3D televisions and things as advanced as that. When I say computers, I don’t just mean the software part, but I also include the hardware, programming, and electronically features of our computers. For example, very few people know about the well-made speech recognition software built into the most recent Windows operating systems, let alone that some don’t even need a mouse to use their computers.

What started it all for you?

Well I got my first computer back when I was around 7 years old, and even then I used my computer a lot, with no less than 20 things in my Quick Launch at any one time, and more than 20 games in a separate desktop toolbar. I used to love having my taskbar in different positions, so I started off with having it at the top in Windows 98, then had it on the right side when I first moved to Windows XP, and decided to stick with keeping it at the bottom after a few more years. The sad part was that it was around 2005 that I moved from a PC that could just handle Windows 98 to my dad’s old PC that could run Windows XP.

What have you achieved recently?

Over the past 3 years I have learned loads more, and achieved even more. I was able to make my old XP computer look and work a lot like Windows Vista, tested a large number of Windows 7 beta builds (unfinished), coded a couple small programs, coded a few websites, found lots of tricks with Windows, tried out a couple Linux distributions (it’s a free Operating System based off *nix), have taken apart two laptops and fixed their problems, and currently use 2 monitors on my computer. I know quite a bit of the “simpler” website codes, HTML and CSS, I know a bit of the simple program code Visual Basic, and I know quite a bit on the moderately complicated program code C# (pronounced C sharp). I’ve also had the chance to run a few online communities (known as forums) and tend to use my online time efficiently.

What’s next for you?

I have a lot of things planned for the near future. These include creating a large program, learning more about the core workings of Windows, making a custom distribution of Linux, doing something significant for the school network, run my own home server and many more. Next semester I’m going to do Programming, so I’ll learn quite a bit there. The possibilities are definitely endless, and more things to learn will show up as I go. At the moment I have started coding a To-Do list in C#, then I’ll be moving on to an “Ultimate Web Search.”

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