My $20 Note Design

on July 21st, 2009 by Matt | 2 Comments »

For Economics I had to design a new note (money) and I decided to make a $20 one for The World. Of course, the Globe symbolizes everyone on Earth being one, and the flag on the left represents us reaching the moon. The compass on the right is the “anti-forgery” thing that can be found on any Australian note at the moment, not sure about other countries.
Image of 20 dollar note

I handed it in to my teacher today, and I got 8.5/10. 🙂 Plus, we were supposed to start today, so I actually handed something in early.

  • Yeah well I didn't want to beat everyone else in my class with my l33t Photoshop skills. lol! xD
    But seriously, I know the blue was a bad idea… not a great design for money. After making it I tried to sort of make it more black and white but it didn't come out the way I wanted it to. 😛

  • WilliamTM

    Sorry, but I personally hate that. It's nothing like any note today, and it looks a bit like a quick copy and paste job. 🙁