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Sup guys. Today I noticed a new post on GeekSmack, and have decided to share it with you.
This is a post of many more to come, and I’ll share the others as well 🙂

With the Windows 7 RC recently leaking, we at GeekSmack will be preparing a series of articles titled “Inside Windows 7” to introduce you to all of the important new features in 7, and then some. Yes, even the ones that some of you might probably have heard about time and time again, such as the Superbar and Aero Peek.

So what exactly IS Windows 7? Windows 7 is Microsoft’s up and coming operating system which will be Windows Vista’s successor. While most of us are excited and satisfied about 7, some others think that Windows 7 should be “Vista SP2”, and that 7 is just “Vista done right”. While Vista’s success is something to discuss another day in another article, I’ll just briefly point out that most of the problems people encountered with Vista was due to faulty hardware drivers that were incompatible with the OS, causing many problems upon RTM. While the majority of these issues were fixed by SP1, Vista already was known to many as the antichrist.

It’s really gotten to the point that whenever Vista is mentioned, one of the first things that comes to mind is how badly received it was in the public eye. Because of all this criticism, Microsoft needs a fresh start under a new name, and that is Windows 7. This is exactly why they can’t ship it as a service pack, or a free update, or anything along the lines of that; even if it’s praised Vista itself will still be plagued forever with the extremely bad reputation that has been given to it, and it’s going to take a lot of marketing if Microsoft intends to fix that.

For the most part, Windows 7 has already mended a lot of the wound created by Vista in the public eye. As more and more people test out and/or hear about 7, more are putting the past behind them and are getting excited about what the future has in store. From my own personal experience, Build 6801, an alpha build of 7 that was handed out at the PDC, was just about as stable as an RTM OS with some really minor quirks here and there. I even managed to run 6801 on my Celeron M laptop with an integrated GMA 900 (no aero of course) and 2GB of RAM at speeds close to XP’s. 7077 currently surpasses XP in speed on the laptop as far as I can tell, though I have not done any official benchmarking as of yet.

The Windows 7 RC will be officially released to the world on May 9th with the official RTM (Release to Manufacturers) build following it a few months after. I recommend that you download the 7 RC, and take 7 for a test drive. It’ll be well worth it, and I guarantee you that you most likely will be able to use it as your main OS as I did since 6801.

Now that the above has been said, let’s take a look at the difference between the Windows Vista desktop and the Windows 7 desktop:

As you can see the taskbar differs between both OSes, with the 7 taskbar being a little bigger while also having a new way to look through currently open (and not open) programs. The next article in this series will be covering the new taskbar, or should I say “Superbar”, and all of the new features that it packs over the Vista taskbar.

Source: GeekSmack