How to use a Wii Remote as a Mouse

on April 14th, 2009 by Matt | No Comments »

This is a very awesome trick that I learned after downloading GlovePIE and playing around with it for a bit. Enjoy!

– A Computer with Bluetooth
– A Wii Remote
– A Program called “GlovePIE

Please note this was done on a Toshiba Laptop using “Bluetooth Stack for Windows by Toshiba”. Steps 2 and 3 will be different for you.

1. Take the case off the back off the Wii Remote.
2. Go to Start -> All Programs -> Toshiba -> Bluetooth -> Bluetooth Settings.
3. Click “Add New Connection” then select “Custom”. While it’s searching for the controller, press the red button labeled “Sync.”
4. Follow the prompts until it is connected successfully. If it asks for a PIN code, you will not be able to do the following steps.
5. Run GlovePIE then select File -> Open -> WiimoteScripts -> “WiiMouse 0.1.PIE” and click Open
6. Go to CP-Settings -> Wiimote Calibration and follow the promptss
7. Click “Run” and enjoy.

The Controls are as follows:
A = Right Click
B = Left Click
Plus = Enter
Home = Stop Script / Pressed twice close GlovePie
Minus = Backspace
1 = My Computer
2 = Internet

Mouse Movements are as follows:
Tilt Wii Remote Left = Move Cursor Left
Tilt Wii Remote Right = Move Cursor Right
Lean Wii Remote Down = Move Cursor Down
Lean Wii Remote Up = Move Cursor Up

Whenever you choose to re-connect the Wii Remote to your PC, you will need to click “Sync.” on the Remote every time.

Want to see this in action?
View the YouTube video!