From Telstra Bigpond to Optus

on May 25th, 2009 by Matt | 7 Comments »

Hi guys, today I moved ISPs (Internet Service Providers).
Previously I was with Telstra bigpond, which we paid $70AUD a month for 12GB.
Now, with Optus, we pay $100AUD for 20GB usage, plus unlimited local and calls to GSM mobiles.

I personally like that deal. Now for me to start downloading 😛

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  • Faun


    ISP’s in Australia suck. 😛

    Here, you can get unlimited 8mb/s for £7.34 ($14.90 Aus) 😛

  • Faun

    Or 20mb/s for £9.79 ($19.88 Aus) 😛

  • WizardCM

    Sadly, they all do… But there’s nothing we can do about it 🙁

  • I can’t believe the usage caps over there. They do exist here but only slow down the internet not stop it completely. I guess it’s to stop piracy.

  • ммм )) бьютифильный БЛ0Г 😉
    не хотел случайно сменить тему? Поставить ещё тройку плагинови будет безопаснее..ну это вот это будет симпотно действительно 🙂
    Кстати , ты какой Hosting юзаешь? =)

  • WizardCM

    Thanks! Your lucky I know someone who was able to translate Russian for me 😛

    No, I’m not planning on changing the design. When I first started the blog I went through about 10-20 different designs before I chose to keep this one. I’ve already got a spam blocking plugin called Akismet, which does the job well. 🙂
    And I get the hosting from Milestone Blogs, which at the moment is not allowing new members. I’m not sure when they are planning to open it publicly, but it should be very soon 🙂