English and Maths Exams

on June 4th, 2009 by Matt | No Comments »

Hi guys. I noticed I haven’t been posting as much lately, so I might as well chat about my Maths and English Exams.

Well, these are a major part of my Year 9 grades, and are my first ever exams.
All this will be happening on Thursday 11th June next week. The school day will be split into 3 sections. First will be an exam (not sure which comes first, English or Maths), then an extended Lunchtime, then after that another exam. From what I know those are the only exams I’m going to have.

English Exam: There will be some Comprehension (from what I know) and we will have to write an essay (in 75mins) about one of the following books: Looking for Alibrandi or Animal Farm. Both books will have 3 topics to choose from.
Maths Exam: Basically we have to do a summary of what we’ve done in the past Semester. This includes the following: Mathematical Techniques, Pythagoras’ Theorem, Measurement and Linear Relationships. There might be more that thats what I know at the moment.

The good thing is that the teachers will be marking their own students’ work. For example, my English teacher will be marking my English exam, and nobody else will. Plus, I get a 4 day weekend (Friday-Monday) to revise and practice plus make my revision sheet.

Well thats all for now, I might make a post later about my b-day party. See ya all 🙂