Down with Opera!

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You may have heard it in the news recently, Microsoft is currently the target of an antitrust lawsuit by the EU for bundling its Internet Explorer web browser as the default browser in Windows. That’s right, they’re being sued for including their own browser in their own operating system.

Who is behind all of this? Opera Software, makers of the Opera web browser. In December of 2007, Opera pushed the EU to open a case against Microsoft as Opera believed it to be anti-competitive for Microsoft to include its own browser as the default browser within their own OS.

For some unknown reason, instead of combating the lawsuit, Microsoft decided to settle, and on Thursday announced that they would no longer include Internet Explorer in versions of Windows 7 (Microsoft’s next operating system) sold in Europe, and would leave it up to OEM builders to decide which browser to install.

Well, things took a turn for the worse today when Opera made a statement saying this was not enough, and have now pushed the EU to pursue with the antitrust case. Opera believes the only reasonable solution is for Microsoft to include a “ballot screen” for users to select which browser to use.

That’s enough. And it’s time we do something about it.

Today, we are proposing a complete boycott of all Opera software.

This is absolutely nothing more than a company, who can’t legitimately gain market share, trying to squeeze their unpopular browser onto Windows systems. Opera is simply upset because their browser is dead last in market share, and has already been surpassed by the recently released Google Chrome browser and Apple’s Safari browser for Windows.

Microsoft is entirely within their right to include Internet Explorer as the default browser within their own OS, just like Apple includes their own Safari as the default browser in Mac OS X, and just like Opera Software would be free to include Opera as the default browser in their own OS, should they ever make one.

No company should be forced to include a competitor’s product within their own products. This is as ridiculous as suing Coca-Cola to include Pepsi in their cans and bottles, or suing Toyota to use engines manufactured by General Motors in their vehicles.

Please join in the boycott, and remove all Opera products from your computers and devices. Opera needs to learn that this is completely unacceptable, and since they refuse to listen to us, it’s time they learn the hard way. If they’re disappointed with their current market share, they ain’t seen nothing yet.

Please consider these great alternatives to Opera Web Browser:

Internet Explorer
Mozilla Firefox
Google Chrome
Apple Safari

Use Opera on your mobile device? Here are some fantastic alternatives:

Iris Browser

And most importantly, spread the word! Use whatever means necessary to get the word out there, Opera doesn’t deserve your business. Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, and share it on your favorite forums!

Boycott Opera!

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