Crackpot Theories

on August 21st, 2009 by Matt | 2 Comments »

Hello again everyone! I have an interesting affiliate that is hosted here on my site!

So my next Major affiliate is, Crackpot Theories by Kuroi Arashi!
Originally a joke between a few friends, the crackpot theories were a way to make one young Catholic prove his Religion teacher wrong. Now, the crackpot theories are a common publication, which will be used over the internet. So, can you handle Michael’s twisted logic? And yes, this site IS run by Michael Beards. 😀

To visit, either click his image in the sidebar or go to

If you would like to affiliate with this blog, please visit here or click “Affiliation” in the pages bar and fill in the details.

  • Where are you getting all these affiliates from ? 😛

  • WizardCM

    I’m getting them all from my good friends. 😛

    I’ve been trying to affiliate with PureElite but they are always busy. 😡