19th January 2010 Minor Site Updates

on January 19th, 2010 by Matt | No Comments »

If you had chosen to visit the site at any time today, you may have seen things disappearing, changing, or showing up in the weirdest of places. Well, nothing to worry about anymore because everything has been updated and changed.

Here’s a short list of what was changed.

  • Every page now has a curved border.
  • Header buttons have a hover effect.
  • The blog is 1px narrower.
  • “Portfolio” now has a # linking feature. Example.
  • “Gadgets” now has my Nintendo Wii and Xbox 360.
  • “Find Me” has a better layout and includes some new links.
  • Most outbound links now open in a new tab.
  • All web pages are valid as XHTML 1.0 Transitional.
  • New search bar in sidebar.
  • Each page now has a corresponding subdirectory.
  • Sidebar also has 5 Tweets.
  • CSS is now validated. Thanks Benny. 🙂

Also, for some reason WordPress doesn’t want to update. Going to ask my host later.

Anyway, thanks for reading. 🙂