Throughout my high school years I had a few chances to play around with Game Maker, with the bonus of having to make a few games for my Programming class in 2010. Below you can play around with the games I made. Comments are welcome, and if you do play share your score!

Alien Invasion - 2010

A modification of the Game Maker game ’1945,’ Alien Invasion is full of quick-moving space ships and flying bullets. Go ahead and waste your time saving Earth from those space ships while trying to survive.
Download Alien Invasion - 2.83 MB

Blackwood Fusion - 2010

That’s gotta be the best name for a 2D Game Maker maze game, right? Collect the gold things and run from one end of the maze to the other while keeping an eye out for ghosts. Music is Something Wicked This Way Comes from Harry Potter, so Copyright Warner Bros and all that. Made this for a school project, so it’s not like I’m selling it, right?
Download Blackwood Fusion - 23.28 MB

Click on Earth - 2010

This extremely simple yet hard game is a modification of the Game Maker game ‘Click the Ball,’ except it’s bigger, has more planets and can get extremely frustrating.
Download Click on Earth - 8.8 MB

One Player Pong - 2010

Pong can get boring with two players, so why don’t you play by yourself? Control two paddles and save 2 balls (at the same time!) while trying to get a high score.
Download One Player Pong - 23.18 MB